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Sage helps with removing bacteria and insects from the air Improving intuition and mood reducing stress and anxiety Enhancing sleep quality and energy levels Boosting brain power.  Burning sage is a common practice in many homes and communities for certain medicinal and emotional benefits. Native Americans and indigenous populations have used the fragrant plant for hundreds of years. These tribes include the Lakota, Chumash, Cahuilla, and others, we carry a variety.

Custom Cleansing Candles

For thousands of years, people have burned dried sage to bring positive energy to a new home, or during meditation. LadyStone Queen reimagines the ancient ritual with her lovely candle. The heavenly scented soy wax blend features notes of cedar, sage, and lavender. Finished with a layer of dried herbs and various crystals, the candle looks as pretty as it smells. Give it to a friend who's just moved, or someone whose spirit could use a lift. Handmade in Myrtle Beach.  Each Treat is unique and will vary in design. 

Custom Charms

Check out some of our Custom Treat created for clients.

Mystic Treats

LadyStone Queen Provides Custom Scared Treats. 
Handpicked & painted designed with Healing Crystals, Copper and other Healing Elements.

To get your Custom Treats started send me a message and I will contact you!

Custom Treats that have been Created

You can choose your Crystals+Elements+Color

LadyStone Queen

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Feel free to contact me for Cleansing & Crystal needs.

Mystic Treats

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